Title: 2019/4/17 8:47:35
Please cancel order of General two and the two buffalo wings with fried rice
Title: 2019/2/20 2:44:52
Title: 2018/4/17 9:59:18
I ordered my lunch for myself and my daughter and had it delivered to my office. I ordered the coconut shrimp and it was definitely over cooked! It was so hard , the fork wouldn't even pierce the shrimp or batter on it. I couldn't even bite most of it because I feared it would break my teeth! It was way over fried! Not happy considering I had to pay an online "convenience" fee, plus a delivery fee, plus the tip, plus my SUB-TOTAL had to be a certain about to even place the order. I spent $38 for rock solid food
Title: 2018/3/20 7:55:02
Hello, my name is Lauren Stone. Im writing you today because i placed an order last night through order up and unfortunately when i got it almost everything was cold. Thats not my main problem though, i had ordered a tofu dish and the tofu was extremely sour meaning it had went bad. the sauce was not sour the tofu was. Because of this i had to throw it away. Also i thought that the fried rice i ordered would have pea carrots and onions in it like all the other plain fried rices ive ordered over the years. Because of the unsatisfactory of the food I would really appreciate a refund especially considering my actal main meal had gone bad ingredients in it. Reaching out to you now in hopes of hearing from you soon. thank you
Title: 2018/11/15 3:16:07
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Title: 2017-01-22T11:00:00
The food is very good in this restaurant and the service is very good! Worth recommending!
Title: 2017/11/26 22:21:58
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